How it all began is quite simple. I’ve been enchanted by the piano ever since I was a little kid, and although I took lessons I never got the chance to pursue it as a serious full-time endeavour. I can’t recall any particular moment or piece that made me want to be a pianist but I do remember thinking it would be the coolest thing in the world if I could play pieces such as Chopin’s Revolutionary Etude and the Funeral March.

Bring the clock forward today and I’m around 27 years old, recently graduated with my Masters in International Relations and Conflict Resolution from Georgetown University. Shortly after graduating I took time off to return to my passion of piano and well…I guess I never stopped.

This brings us to now. I’ve decided to pursue my dream full-time with all the scary things that go along with changing a path in life. The road ahead certainly isn’t easy but it’s very rewarding for me and well worth the sacrifice of time and effort. Because to me, there is nothing I would rather do than play the piano.

The Blog:

This blog is a journal of my learning experiences along the road. I will be sharing thoughts and discussion on various genres ranging from classical stuff like Bach and Chopin to piano music from movies and computer games. I’m an avid gamer on the side and love to dabble in different genres of piano music from time to time. This is also my personal space to vent and share about anything to do with piano – including the frustrations and challenges that go with it.

Most importantly, I love playing and I look forward to sharing my journey as a pianist!

Comment Policy:

Basic stuff but often has to be said. Please be respectful of everyone’s opinion while commenting on posts. I encourage diverse opinions and a good discussion, but any kind of rudeness, bashing, profanity etc., will not be tolerated. Any comments of the aforementioned nature will ruthlessly and mercilessly kneed.

Header image by James “Bo” Insogna.


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