Dark Humour from the Past

Today I was cleaning out some old boxes, looking to see if I had kept any of my old notes from music theory classes in college. My notes are long gone looks like, but I did find something funny (and kinda depressing) at the same time.

This snippet here is that of a piano exam I took in 2002 from the Associated Board Royal School of Music. It was before college, before I had ever practiced on a piano, and before much of what I know about piano playing today. Still, it was interesting to look at.


You’ll notice that I failed miserably in sight reading….


….and scales, while I did fairly well in the actual playing of pieces.


The end of result of this combination was that… well, I don’t quite know how it never hit me before but… I barely passed the exam.  The required total to pass was 100 out of 150, and I squeaked by with a sparkling 111. HA!

It’s somewhat funny and depressing to see at the same time. Especially now that I’m doing piano full-time. There’s a strange irony that the same person who barely scraped by the piano exam 10 years ago is now playing Etudes and difficult sonatas on a lovely grand piano. Mind you my sight reading is still awful, and I would rather play Bach a million times over than do scales. But hey. It shows what a piano and some practice can do!

On the other hand I think this little bit of paper may shed light onto why people weren’t terribly encouraging of me pursuing music as a full time profession. Regardless of the difficulties of the career itself, there might have been a little bit of “Well this doesn’t seem promising! Thank god you atleast passed!”

I think it’s somewhat funny to look back onto this. 🙂


5 thoughts on “Dark Humour from the Past

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