Hello Management

Every so often, I get reminded of how sheltered from “reality” my current profession makes me. Playing piano the entire day has it’s own challenges, but it’s also a lovely escape from the harsh drudgery of more stereotypical 9-5 jobs. The result of not really interacting with anyone other than composers sometimes has me a little bubble of idealism that can get unceremoniously popped from time to time.

This happened over the weekend. (If you follow me on Twitter, you’d see part of the rant there as well). I was supposed to have my piano tuned this weekend and my piano tuner unfortunately forgot my apartment number. Now, I live in an apartment building that offers a concierge service – someone to greet people, take packages for you etc. Naturally, he went to the concierge for assistance – telling them who he’d come for. The concierge were unable to help him and ultimately, the tuning had to be rescheduled.

When I went down to have a word, wondering why he didn’t make it to my apartment, things became a lot clearer. The person at the desk was unable to direct him to my apartment because apparently my name didn’t show up on their computer screen. They had the nerve to suggest I wasn’t on the lease. When I pointed out that I was on the lease, they just shrugged at their list’s inaccuracy. Furthermore, my tuner was off on the apartment number by one door. They didn’t try to call and ask if we were possibly expecting a tuner that day. Rather than apologise for the lack of service, the woman told me proudly that my tuner emailed me on the off chance that I would check my email during lunch time and waited thirty minutes before rescheduling.

So let me get this straight … she sat there and did nothing while he waited a full thirty minutes. This kind of incompetence just infuriated me. I was seething the entire day. This wasn’t a charity, she wasn’t volunteering to be there – it was her job. And there she was, proudly telling how she failed at it and how apparently she’s ok with that despite the inconvenience caused. How can people be this way?

The hubby, who has more experience restrained my anger and said “Welcome to management”. A lot of people in managerial jobs deal with this kind of incompetence and stupidity every single day – and me? Well, it just didn’t make sense in my world. Mozart  and Chopin don’t let me get away with failing at anything … but the ‘real world’ can be so different, I suppose.


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