Scarlatti k. 27 – Draft II

My last recording of Scarlatti was at a slow pace, much closer to the tempo Emil Gilels chose for his interpretation of the piece. Since then, my teacher decided to up the speed on Scarlatti a little bit – and change the voicing.

I realised that at different speeds, I could hear different melodies being brought out. It reminded me of being on a train – when you’re going nice and slow, you get to observe the farms and cows and trees and all the little details. And when you’re going fast, all of those details become a blur and suddenly the mountains in the distance become much clearer.

I’ve since bought a metronome to help with keeping the piece even despite the speed. Here’s the first draft of the entire Scarlatti at around 100 bpm, sans the repeats. Still working on figuring out the best way to record and such! 🙂


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